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Low vitamin B6 intake may contribute to cognitive decline in older adults, while other B vitamins do not show the same effects, according to a new follow-up study in Northern Ireland. Researchers from Northern Ireland and Ireland contacted participants aged 60 and over from a previous study into B vitamin...

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Easily grown at home, and a relatively inexpensive therapeutic food, Lion's Mane is a beautiful mushroom with cascading spines instead of gills that shows potential in slowing the progression of neurological disorders -- including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Research has also found the mushroom to be beneficial in treating symptomatic...

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There are blogs upon blogs upon blogs upon blogs out there talking about what you should and shouldn’t eat, when you should and shouldn’t eat, the secret formula to the perfect healthy existence and the downright criminal choices that will ruin your chances of becoming a demi-God. We’re not interested...

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