B Vitamins, occupational stress -

Reducing occupational stress with a B-vitamin focussed intervention.

Abstract Author(s): Lu K1, Gray MA, Oliver C, Liley DT, Harrison BJ, Bartholomeusz CF, Phan KL, Nathan PJ.

Abstract Source: Human Psychopharmacology Clinical and Experimental 19(7):457-​-65 · October 2004

CONCLUSION: “Occupational stress is a multibillion dollar problem. Effective strategies reducing occupational stress are urgently required. Dietary supplementation with B group vitamins may be an economically viable and sustainable intervention. Reducing occupational stress will have enormous benefits for decreasing stress claims, absenteeism, and increasing work productivity. Vitamin B supplementation is also likely to have additional health and quality of life benefits.”

Article Published Date: 2014 Dec 22


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